About Cirrus Associates

Cirrus Associates, LLC (Cirrus) is a full service environmental and hydrogeologic consulting firm with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas. By operating from two diverse locations of the State, Cirrus is positioned to be an efficient, cost effective provider of consulting services in Texas.

As a regional firm employing high quality personnel, Cirrus offers personalized quality consulting advice at a reasonable cost. We're recognized for approaching our clients' concerns with a blend of common sense and business reality.

Cirrus Capabilities Overview

Our experienced staff offers expertise in:

• Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I, II, III)

• Due diligence of oil and gas related exploration, production

  and support facilities nationwide

• SPCC Plans

• Audits of oil and gas related operations

• Voluntary Cleanup Program

• Innocent Owner and Operator Program

• Due diligence of commercial real estate, industrial facilities,

  and agricultural property

• Municipal Settings Designation

• Successful groundwater remediation through direct injection

• Industrial Hazardous and Solid Waste Management

• Asbestos surveys and development of asbestos management plans

• Remediation Plan Development and Implementation

• Risk Assessments

• Soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling

• Closure/Post Closure Plan Development

• Regulatory Consultation

• Underground Storage Tank Management

• Expert Witness Testimony

Water Resource Management:

• Evaluation of aquifer resources (both quantity and quality)
• Technical support to GCDs, RWPGs, municipalities, industry
• Development and preparation of water management plans

• Development and implementation of groundwater gauging plans
• Development of well permitting systems
• QA/QC of state databases

• Comparative studies of water supply vs. demand
• Hydrogeologic investigations and reports
• Aquifer characterization

• Sustainability Studies
• Water Supply Risk Assessments for Real Estate Transactions

• Groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling

• Aquifer Testing and Interpretation
• Numerical Groundwater Modeling

• Permitting and Rule Compliance
• Regulatory Consultation


What's New

  • In the News:

Cirrus Associates is pleased to announce that we have added civil and environmental engineering to our portfolio of consulting services. 

We are now a licensed engineering firm in the State of Texas (Engineering Firm F-14579).  Under the leadership and direction of Emily M. Taylor, P.E., Cirrus now provides engineering services in the following client service areas: 

  • Compliance: Air/Waste/Solid Waste Permitting, SPCC Plans, Legionella Compliance Programs and Hazardous Waste Permitting;
  • Water Quality:  Wastewater Characterization, Water Quality Studies, NPDES Permitting and Strategy, Storm Water Plan Development;
  • Remediation and Environmental Engineering/Design:  Remedial Investigations, Preparation of Plans and Specifications, Cost Estimating,  Design and Implementation of Corrective Actions, Construction Management and Site Closure;
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design;
  • Pump Station and Force Main Design;
  • Drainage and Flood Control Structures; and
  • Litigation Support

Regulatory Update:

ASHRAE Standard 188P: Prevention of

Legionellosis Associated with Building

Water Systems

On June 30, 2012, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) passed Standard 188P – which applies to water systems in new and old human occupied buildings and potable water systems; cooling towers and evaporative condensers; whirlpool spas; decorative fountains and other water features; and aerosol generating air coolers, humidifiers and washers. The purpose of 188P is to provide uniform practices to prevent Legionellosis (Legionnaire's disease and Pontiac fever) associated with building water systems. It establishes barriers to transmission of Legionella, implements sound maintenance procedures, and utilizes hazard control. The 188P standard is not a law, but may end up with the effective force of law, as this standard will now be used in building code enforcement and is considered the industry standard of care.  Standard 188P provides methods of risk management for the prevention of Legionellosis associated with centralized industrial and commercial building water systems.  

Compliance is  accomplished through the following steps:

  • Survey water systems to determine risk;
  • Develop a risk management plan (HACCP);
  • Document the plan;
  • Monitor; and
  • Validate

The new ASHRAE Standard 188P may be viewed at: http://www.ashrae.org/standards-research--technology/