Richard Record, P.G.


Dick has over 24 years of continuous experience with environmental matters ranging from industrial to real estate related issues. The scope of services performed during his tenure in the industry includes many projects utilizing the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rules, Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) projects, Phase I ESA real estate evaluations, Railroad Commission matters, petroleum storage tank (PST) matters, expert witness, groundwater quality assessments, groundwater modeling, soil and groundwater remediation, permitting and waste handling issues.



 Emily Taylor, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Emily has 27 years of experience with civil and environmental engineering projects in the federal, state and local and private sector industries.  Emily has specific expertise in process, remedial, and civil design as well as all phases and media for industrial facility permitting.  Ms. Taylor has assisted clients with design solutions for various process and environmental challenges in the chemical, power, manufacturing, meat and poultry processing industries, and oil and gas industries as well as other private and state and local government clients. Engineering projects include wastewater treatment plant, landfill, drainage and civil site design for various industrial clients throughout Texas. Ms. Taylor has completed over 200 permitting projects for various industries throughout Texas and the Southern U.S.  Her experience results in cost-effective and accurate permit applications that translate into operational flexibility for the Facility and processes.  Ms. Taylor is adept in regulatory agency negotiations which results in a permit strategy to optimize process flexibility while keeping permit costs contained.


 Diane Perkins, P.G.

Senior Environmental Geologist

Diane has 25 years of experience with environmental matters in the petroleum, petrochemical, industrial and real estate businesses.  The scope of services provided includes projects related to both upstream exploration and production facilities to downstream refining and chemicals production.  Diane has extensive experience with regulatory interpretation and compliance auditing, remediation project management at exploration and production facilities, Superfund sites, Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) projects, groundwater quality assessments, and Phase I ESA real estate evaluations.



 Kevin McNeely

Field Operations Manager

Kevin is an Environmental Geologist serving as Field Operations Manager for Cirrus Associates.  Kevin has over 9 years of experience in various projects that include the use of the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) rules and the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Kevin also has experience with projects at oilfield facilities under the jurisdiction of the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) including the Operator Cleanup Program (OCP).  His past projects include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, installation and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells, surface and subsurface soil investigations, excavation activities and soil and groundwater remediation.